At the 2016 event, we had 30 blacksmiths attend the All Steamed Up event from across Australia through the Artist Blacksmith association of South Australia:

Terrence Clark and his daughter Rebecca Knott artist blacksmiths from the United Kingdom provided a series of master classes associated with the production of an All Steamed Up collaborative blacksmith sculpture project titled, "Wheel of Life"now on show at the Mannum Dock Museum.

This project provided the opportunity for the event's resident blacksmiths to explore new techniques through Rebecca and Terence's amazing skills and provided the opportunity for event goers to see how blacksmithing has grown from horse shoes to exquisite artistic pieces.

This year, the Mannum Dock Museum's blacksmith volunteers in association with the with the Artist Blacksmith Association of South Australia members have been producing special parts for the Shearer Car Replica which would have been similar to those produced by David and John Shearer (Mannum's original blacksmiths) using similar methods for the original car back in the late 1800's.

John McLellan, blacksmith from California will be special guest at the 2018 All Steamed up Festival and as you will see from his profile (click on photo of John), he has been involved with the Californian Blacksmith Association for many years.

Ian will be holding master classes and demonstrations in conjunction with a special "gate" project at the event and we look forward to viewing his award winning work.

His work is truly breathtaking!

For demonstration times, please click event program.

IMG_2029 John McLeLLan.jpg

John at work

TEL 08 85692733

ADDRESS 6 Randell Street MANNUM SA 5238

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